Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who puts the wine in swine?

We NOW know who had the first case of Swine Flu, what the Swine Flu is, where the Swine Flu began, when the Swine Flu first broke out and why it keeps spreading ... but how is the Swine Flu affecting the wine industry??? To tell you the truth, I really don't know, but I thought the wine world should be included in the media blitz somehow. So, for entertainment purposes only I now give you a small collection of wine labels that feature adorable little piggies.

I found this image (at left) on the net. It was a trial project for Fyffe Family Vineyards.

These labels are pretty comical. My favorites are "Flying Pig" and "Pig in the House". I wonder if the sale of these wines is being affected by the Swine Flu, I can't truthfully believe it is. I tried to find a wine with an "S" on the label (for swine) but had no luck. The only wines I think might be affected by the Swine Flu may be ones that state, "...pairs well with pork."
I've had the El Jamon Tempernillo before and remember it being pretty good. I think I'll enjoy another bottle of it for #winewednesday on Twitter today!

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