Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wine Blogging Wednesday (WBW) #58: Label this one "Too Heavy"

Nothing like waiting to the last minute to put a major production together for (WBW)- Wine Blogging Wednesday at 10:00pm EST. After having all the planets align for what would have been one hell of a video blog, it happened...but it just didn't happen. I had the wine, I had the props, I had the music, but what I didn't have was the where-with-all to realize that there are restrictions on file size when it comes to uploading video. My WBW episode clocked in at a hefty 20 minutes and a 1.2GB file, (just a tad over the limit). I had so much juicy and pertinent information that I just couldn't stop sharing the knowledge. There was wine, music and dancing and I guess I got a little carried away with it all.

After trying to eliminate segments with editing to get it down to 1GB, it just wasn't possible (and I wasn't going to do a two-parter). Every minute was filled with great information and compelling video, but alas it will "never" be seen. I also had my first guest on the show as well as a surprise ending, and it will all be done again (within the limits of cyberspace video) and presented in a non WBW format. The video blog recorded last night WILL appear on the Lost Episodes DVD that will be released sometime in the distant future. HA!

My apologies go out to the wine blogging community for trying to be an over-achiever, the winelabelreview fan base and my sincere apologies to Katie Pizzuto at (aka @gonzogastronomy on Twitter) for not starting sooner and knowing my limits. I will however make mention of my results from WBW #58 in the next video blog. Again, I - am - sorry!

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  1. No apologies needed as long as we get to see the 2-parter soon! I'm just glad you enjoyed the topic so much and had so much info that it ran longer than normal!